Demond Hicks, Sr.


Demond Hicks, Sr., CEO of Hicks Holding, is a well-established business and financial consultant with over two decades of experience in accounting, business development, financial consulting, and wealth management   Mr. Hicks started his career working for a billion dollar corporation in the Mental Health Industry. During this time, he gained invaluable experience in the areas of accounting, payroll and business operations. He went on to manage the Real Estate Investment Trust (Public REIT) for the first African American Billionaire in America. He successfully managed quarterly stock distribution, dividends, and quarterly & annual vesting’s. Demond capitalized on these experiences and has become a highly sought-after business and finance professional in the DC, MD, VA region.


As Mr. Hicks continued to grow professionally, he decided to broaden his knowledge base by studying the securities industry.  He committed himself to learning the market and some of the keys to profit during high and low markets. He successfully built an extremely profitable portfolio.  He realized that his methodologies and strategies were very effective for individuals investing on a budget. With this realization, he created Hicks Holding. It is his goal to share this knowledge and experience in business and the securities industry to make a positive impact on both the private and public sectors.   Since the inception of Hicks Holding, Demond has successfully counseled individuals and business owners in the areas of investing and business operations. He is also a reoccurring contributor on CNBC’s “Closing Bell”. Demond finds great reward in educating his clients and guiding them in creating profit and productivity in their businesses and personal portfolios.