"Investing On A Budget"

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Hicks Holding is committed to providing our clients with superior service.  Our consulting services are built to assist our clients in making quality trade decisions and building profitable portfolios.  We focus on providing every client with the education, training, and advice necessary to make informed decisions relating to their portfolio and wealth building efforts.  Hicks Holding’s belief is simple: empower our clients with knowledge, direction, and support as they take control of their financial future.

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Keith Marshall

 President/CEO, Imperial Auto Upgrades

"Our relationship with Hicks Holding is truly one of the best decisions we've made since the Imperial Automotive Detailing's inception. Demond's council and guidance is worth every penny."

Antonio Johnson

Data Analyst, Individual Investor

"Hicks Holding helped me start with my first investment, it was so easy. I always thought it took alot of money to buy stocks but that wasn't the case. As seen on CNBC, IOB (Investing On a Budget) is real! I'm happy and excited to join the team and I look forward to more investing with the company."

Brian Hungerford

SSO/ISSE Investor, BMI Defense

"Very informative and insightful, Hicks Holding breaks down investment strategies in a way that makes sense. That makes novice investors ready to hit the big time!."